Hadj Thomas, National Training Director

The military has played a big part in my life. I joined the USAF as a member of ROTC in 1980 while attending the New England Institute of Aeronautics on a 4-year aviation scholarship. While there I obtained my private pilot’s license which paved the way for my 22-year military career. Following college, and a year of flight school, I flew the C-130 Hercules aircraft at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas, for about 7 years, becoming an instructor and evaluator. Our missions were global and I was typically on the road 300 days a year. Then I had the opportunity to return home to NY and was stationed on Long Island for over 14 years flying rescue HC-130s. While there I participated in numerous high-profile missions, such as TWA 800, ‘the perfect storm’, search for JFK Jr, 9/11 recovery, and over 40 space shuttle launches. In 2006 I retired after 22 years in the USAF as a Lt Col, with great satisfaction and pride.

Working with AFBN, allows me to continue my life long affiliation with the military, by educating and helping our dedicated military professionals with every aspect of their financial lives. I congratulate each and every service member when I meet with them, on taking a huge step to solidify, protect, and build their financial future for many years to come. It is my honor to help, educate, and guide all of my military family, to the absolute best of my ability, with the tools, knowledge, and information provided through AFBN.

Hadj found success at AFBN.
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