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Why our team members are happy and successful

Each of our team members receive unrivaled support, an endless amount of quality leads and incredible benefits. Find out why each of our successful team members are satisfied in their career with AFBN. 

A proven sales leader

Chris Benkendorf

With over 20 years in the financial services industry, Chris has dedicated his career to helping military members achieve their financial dreams. With his team of financial reps in locations throughout the U.S., Chris works tirelessly to select and train top-notch financial reps who share his same passion.

from a military family

John Morris

Licensed in Georgia and Alabama as an insurance provider, John is a part of AFBN to provide the bst financial planning services to our customers. "The military means a lot to me as my son is currently serving in the US Navy. He has been in for 15 years as a Seabee currently working with a SEAL team. I am very proud of him as I am proud of all those that serve."

25 years in the air force

Jeff Donathan

My job is to make sure you have the information to make intelligent decisions in regards to your career, benefits and your family’s financial future. I provide the tools and information so that you can take advantage of benefits and initiate the steps to become financially responsible. This will lead you to a secure financial future.

20 Years in the Army

Paul Oden, FSR

I made the decision that when I retire I would help soldiers, making sure they would be better informed and more prepared than I was. I am licensed in the state of Georgia as an insurance producer. I decided to work with AFBN because I love the military and am honored to serve those who serve us.

22 years in the air force

Hadj Thomas, FSR

Working with AFBN, allows me to continue my life long affiliation with the military, by educating and helping our dedicated military professionals with every aspect of their financial lives. It is my pleasure to help, educate and guide you, to the absolute best of my ability, with the tools, knowledge and information provided through AFBN.

LIFETIME OF understanding

Sean Beaver, FSR

Being a military brat and having served myself the Military has been very influential in my life. While growing up I learned the value of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. I carried that through life and my time in service. It has helped me to constantly work on being a better person and doing the best that can no only for myself but for everyone I interact with.

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